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Three Nigerian University Student Pose Nude In Hostel PHOTO.


These three Nigerian University students in a tertiary institution think the only way to kill boredom instead of reading their books is by posing nude for the cameras..They are students of a University in one of the South West States (name withheld)..You could see the eager to pose for the camera .What would their various parents who toil day and night to send them to school say with this attitude..Nigeria is surely losing its best youths..We will continue to shout and condemn such attitudes..Not with the cases of rape on the increase.

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28 Responses to Three Nigerian University Student Pose Nude In Hostel PHOTO.

  1. David says:

    Hmm!y am i nt me who ur frends r nd i tell u who u r.many only wnt 2 belong,dei end up choosing wrong frends.i pray dis pix es kept in d achive so dei show it 2 dier kids nd husband sumdai d kind of life dei lived in skul.daughters of eve.

  2. Mike says:

    This photo in a confusion to any right thinking person in any good society

  3. Singh says:

    they should obey the norms…

  4. anony says:

    these are daughters of the marine world.see the tatoos and nudity.they probably forgot we are in the internet age.

  5. joe says:

    i am so surprise about our black african boys and girls…..with TATOOS for God seek your black and your making another black drawing in your body… dear its not for you guys there is no beauty around there its for the white leave it for them..

  6. Promise says:

    i don’t beliv dis . Those girls can’t show their face on camera and pose them again on net.

  7. haji says:

    realy dha world run crasy, those girls are violeting our african values.

  8. onyekachi says:

    i need a rich sugar mummy,

  9. Donald says:

    Yes; am in need of One sugar Mummy pls!

  10. Nasiru Kokori says:

    It’s 2 bad.

  11. dozzy says:

    Needs a rich suger mummy

  12. Olu-Reuben says:

    The 3girls posin nude are occultic, trying to use their God given sacred gift to lure and ruin men’s destiny for mercenary sake.

  13. Inuwa says:

    the world

  14. stace says:

    hmmm….Evils of technology,infact those gurlz are insane.

  15. Great Emma Tobi says:

    these girls has a mission,but in thy mighty Name of OUR LORD JESUS i rebuke and bind all their plans and effort to destroy people’s destiny Amen.

  16. adukwu sunday says:

    few of Nigerian girls are so stupid how can human been with her normal sense display such pix if it is not stupidity if i were there parent i will disown then

  17. kakwah says:

    that is temptation

  18. Jack says:

    Dude, when would you stop telling us bullshit just to gain cheap popularity? these girls are American street girls that act porn movies just to end a living, when would you stop giving Nigerian woman a bad name? God will judge you for your wickedness.

  19. olayinka says:

    I need a rich sugar mummy within my location!!!

  20. bastard says:

    Why Dem cover de boobs

  21. Emmanuel says:

    What are u people saying like father like son and like mother like daughter keep it on.

  22. Ibrahim wada says:

    so is it a new thing for you people?is it today that nigerian start acting like this?what of the blue film that Genevieve Nnaji act?

  23. Ibrahim wada says:

    is it a new thing?is it today that nigerian start acting like this?what of the (BLUE FILM) that Genevieve Nnaji act in south Africa?you mean you did n’t see it? If you want it beg i will send it down to you.

  24. Jimoh haruna says:

    Infact dose gal ar being nd nt human being. So 4 d gud girls dnt imitates

  25. james lucky says:

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  26. jerry says:

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